Shoney’s is a family restaurant, mainly in the south. there are two locations in Ohio…one in Marietta, and the other in Dover (which I believe is the farthest location north). I have eaten at other locations in the south, and have grown very fond of their weekend brunch buffet. They have all your hot breakfast favorites…pancakes, eggs, French toast sticks, biscuits (and gravy, if you like), bacon, sausage, chicken, among other things., Since it’s brunch, some folks like to have some salad bar items. They also have strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream. Mmm…

My only criticism is this…location. I have to drive nearly an hour to get to the Shoney’s in Dover. However, it is indeed worth the trip. If you are in the Dover-New Philadelphia area, give Shoney’s a try for weekend brunch. They serve the brunch buffet until 2 on Saturdays and Sundays.


To Christine’s mom Lynn…I have held vigil for you and your family by way of this blog for the last several months – over a year – and even though I don’t use it very much, I see a number of folks have come by to show their support for you for closure. I know this is not the closure you were hoping for, and I am sorry. Please accept my condolences. My prayer for you, Lynn, is to carry on, you and your family.

For those of you not in the loop…

From http://www.wgmd.com

The human remains found behind a Snow Hill bed & breakfast a week ago have been identified as Christine Sheddy, who disappeared in November of 2007. The Maryland Medical Examiner used dental records for the identification. Worcester County State’s Attorney Joel Todd tells WGMD that no cause of death has been determined, but they are treating this as a suspicious death.

Office of the State’s Attorney for Worcester County

February 26, 2010

On February 26, 2010, the Office of the Medical Examiner for Maryland advised the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation that the human remains located in Snow Hill on February 19 were the remains of Christine Marie Sheddy.

Sheddy has been missing since November 14, 2007. Since that time, the case has been handled as a “missing person” case by the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office and the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation. Assisting in the investigation is the Maryland State Police and the Office of the State’s Attorney for Worcester County.

No cause of death has yet been determined. All involved law enforcement agencies are treating this as a suspicious death.

Because this is a pending investigation, no further details will be disclosed at this time.

Search “Pat Patterson” and you’ll find me. Ask me to be your friend. If I know you, I will approve you. I have been spending a lot of time there lately, but with football season upcoming, you’ll find me back here in a few short months…

Since my last note here…

I turned 40.

I restarted fishing.

I went to North Myrtle Beach again.

I bought (and flew) a kite.

I went to Ridemakerz, the Build-A-Bear for men.

I got and (hopefully) beat sciatica.

Work has gotten better (in a way).

I bought $35 worth of pralines.

How have you been ?

From the Rockin’ on the River website, here is the 2009 slate.

Rockin’ is held on the below dates at the Riverfront Center in Cuyahoga Falls. With the exception of the July 11 Wish You Were Here show, all events are free and brought to you by Bob Earley and those at The Summit Entertainment.

So without further ado, the 2009 schedule…

May 22nd Broken Road with 52nd Street and Captain Fantastic

May 29nd Number One Bad Boys
(Poison Tribute) with 7T7

June 5th Zoso (Led Zeppelin Experience ) with Lock 4

June 19th Bad Medicine (Bon Jovi Tribute) with The Girls Band

June 26th Higher Ground
(Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute) with Hooked on Tonics

July 3rd Fins to the Left – BEACH PARTY (Music of Jimmy Buffet) with The Uptown Cats

July 10th Coldplayers (Cold Play Tribute)

JULY 11TH Wish You Were Here
See The Rockin’ on the River website for ticket information.

July 17th 7 Bridges (Eagles Tribute) with Karri Fedor and Kerosene

July 31 Almost Queen with Big House

August 7th Victory Highway with Jersey

August 14th Ekoostik Hookah with Red Sun Rising

August 21st Vicious Cycle with Rhythm Syndicate

August 28st Majestic with Evil Ways

Nothing to do on a Friday night during hard economic times ? Baloney ! There’s lots to do, starting Memorial Day weekend in the Falls…and all the Friday shows are free.

Akron mayor Don Plusquellic, who has been mayor of Akron since I was in high school (I’m two months shy of 40 now), is under a serious threat of being recalled from office.  As a resident of Cuyahoga Falls, I am in full support of the effort to oust this “bad neighbor.”

Local attorney Warner Mendenhall is spearheading the Change Akron Now campaign to recall Plusquellic, who is another fine example of tax-and-spend. And since he is apparently being protected by more vice-mayors than Michael Bloomberg in New York (14, versus 11 for Bloomberg) as well as the Akron Beacon Journal, he seems to be untouchable. Heck, he only won the 2007 Democratic primary (the TRUE mayoral election of 2007) 57%-43% over Joe Finley. In past elections, Don Don won with at least 70% of the electorate for him.

When you consider how Don Don was trying to sell the city down the river by “leasing out” the city’s sewers and to take that money to fund scholarships ERRRRR college loans for Akron’s school kids ERRRRR scholarships to people who promise to stay in the city of Akron for 30 years after they graduate from college. What’s left in Akron ? Goodyear…and if you visit Mendenhall’s site, you’ll learn that he’s trying to sell the Chinese on taking over Goodyear !

That, plus the city’s in debt to the tune of…are you sitting down…$760 million. Three-quarters of a BILLION dollars. So while he’s supporting efforts to raise the highest income tax (2.25 percent) to one of the highest in the country (2.58 percent was his most recent effort), he’s flying to Disney World, China, Tampa…eating dinner on the “company dime” (and I’m not talking McLunch either). That, and breaking campaign finance law, using city workers to work the polls on election day (and possibly unconfirmed] having them knock on doors against the recall). And while he’s doing all that, he’s making cuts at the city’s police department, and home invasions are so old-hat, they barely make the news anymore.

And that’s not even what he has to say about the listeners of talk radio. Like I said, the Beacon Journal seems to love Don Don, even in a February 26 editorial, editor Steve Hoffman (who is a regular on the decidedly left-wing News Night Akron) basically says the recall effort is a waste of taxpayer money…not that each CITIZEN OF AKRON (not to be read as “voter” or “adult”) owning $4000 of the city’s debt is any sign of wastefulness of taxpayer money.

And why would a city of 210,000 need to have 14 vice-mayors ? Is it because, uh, the mayor isn’t doing his job because he’s too busy globetrotting and bad-mouthing listeners of talk radio ?

Speaking of all of us who are going to hell (according to Plusquellic after the failure of the referendum that would allow for the lease of the city’s sewer system) for listening to talk radio, Mendenhall stated on last night’s Tom Erickson show on WNIR that he would need to gather about 3200 valid sigantures from Akron voters in order to get the recall on a ballot, and they would like to gather these by April 10 in order to get the matter on the ballot in the summer, which will likely require at least 5000 signatures to be able to weed out the 3200 necessary.

And just for the record, if the recall goes forward and succeeds, Don Don will be replaced by Akron law director Max Rothal. The Beacon Journal’s Steve Hoffman would have you believe there is no candidate to replace The Don. There is, and it’s Max Rothal…at least until a special election can be held.

Mendenhall has called a meeting on March 11 – tomorrow night – at 7 pm at the downtown library in Akron. Petitions will be available for folks to collect signatures at the meeting.

Here are some points of contact for the Change Akron Now effort, which I fully support…

Warner Mendenhall’s website, complete with quotes and evidence to show folks why indeed it’s time for a change.

You may e-mail Warner Mendenhall at warnermendenhall@gmail.com .

For the non-multimedia savvy, you may call (330)474-3939.

It’s time for Don Plusquellic to find something else to do. Props to Warner Mendenhall for taking the initiative to make that a possibility.

It was reported last week that the national unemployment rate is at a 25-year low of 8.1%.

The good news: 91.9% of us still are working.

The bad news: among the 91.9% of us now working: Terrell Owens. Owens signed a one-year deal with the Buffalo Bills.

So what can one say about T.O. ?

The good and the ugly on Owens…

Owens is a good football player…when he wants to be AND he shuts his mouth. What’s gotten him chased out of San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Dallas is this…he is not a team player. It’s all about T.O., not about the team win. It’s all personal glory. He has not played for a quarterback (outside of Steve Young) that has been able to stand up to him or is not intimidated by him. Jim Rome talked about a conversation he had with Joe Montana back during Super Bowl week. Rome asked Montana how he would have handled Owens in the huddle. Montana said that he’d never throw to Owens if he was like he is in the huddle (disruptive, trying to call plays to suit himself, etc.).

So now the former 49er/Eagle/Cowboy who is second all-time in touchdown receptions is a Bill. At 35, Owens has not shown that he can take a team – any team – on his shoulders and win the big one (he has appeared in one Super Bowl and was, at best, a non-factor). What makes him think he’s going to take the Bills – a team that underwent one of the most colossal meltdowns in NFL history (from a 4-0 and 5-1 start to a 7-9 finish and having the distinction of being the last NFL team to have an offensive touchdown scored against them by the Cleveland Browns, in addition to losing that same game) – to the promised land ? Like I said, this was a team that lost to the Cleveland Browns !!! A team that didn’t score a touchdown on offense the last four weeks of the season – and did not score A SINGLE POINT IN THEIR LAST TWO GAMES !!! So now it’s all settled…the Bills are going to win it all because they signed a wide receiver that has taken no team anywhere in his career. It’s all about TDs for T.O.

So I give props to the Buffalo Bills for landing what could be one of the biggest prizes in this year’s free agency, Terrell Owens. I hope it works out. And a little advice to Trent Edwards…if Owens starts running his mouth in the huddle, be like Joe Montana…don’t throw him anything.